Envenomist & Murderous Vision Liminal Presence, Live Bait Recording Foundation, 2019

Polar Envy In Chiaroscuro

Polar Envy In Chiaroscuro

Various Artists In Chairoscuro, Polar Envy, 2019

Shadows Sin / Sionis, Polar Envy, 2019

Limb Bin Compassion & Vision

Limbs Bin Compassion & Vision, Fourth Dimension Records, 2019

Tiger Hatchery Breathing In The Walls

Tiger Hatchery Breathing In The Walls

Tiger Hatchery Breathing In The Walls, ESP Disk’, 2018

Sick Llama Stage Poison

Sick Llama Stage Poison, Unifactor, 2018

Mock Identity Paradise 11183 LP Jkt

Mock Identity Paradise, Scam Likely, 2018

solo tapes

Collapsed Arc In Tension & The David Russell Snake Takes The Cake, Polar Envy, 2017