Sick Llama “Stage Poison” double cassette, Unifactor 2018

Mock Identity “Paradise” vinyl record, Scam Likely Records, 2018

Tiger Hatchery Breathing in the Walls

Tiger Hatchery “Breathing in the Walls” vinyl record, ESP-Disk’ 2018

Tiger Hatchery Sun Worship

Tiger Hatchery “Sun Worship” vinyl record, ESP-Disk’ 2014

Quicksails Silver Balloons in Clusters

Quicksails “Silver Balloons in Clusters” vinyl record, Under The Spire 2012

Quicksail Fleurs de la Lune

Quicksails “Fleurs de la Lune” vinyl record, Captcha Records 2014
(Art by Emme Williams)

MURDEREDMAN Love in Danger

MURDEREDMAN “Love In Danger” vinyl record, A Soundesign Recording 2013
(Designed with Ron Kretsch)

SINGLE POCKET JACKET -most common format

MURDEREDMAN “s/t” vinyl record, Aqualamb Records 2016
(Designed with Ron Kretsch)

Ohio Volume One

Various Artists “Ohio Volume One” double cassette, A Soundesign Recording 2014